Georgia Zip Line

Zip Lines Georgia

Currently there are at least 7 zip line locations located throughout the state of Georgia. Zip line enthusiasts have a large variety of zip line locations to choose from. Options range from pure zip line canopy tours to aerial obstacle courses that combine zip lines with other aerial challenges. In addition to the daylight zip tours, unique night zip tours are available. A zip line that you may have already ridden becomes a whole new adventure when ridden at night under the light of the starry Georgia sky.

No experience is required to participate but certain age and weight restrictions are in place. Pre-tour safety instruction and professional guides provided for a safe and exciting adventure for the whole family. Most zip tours require approximately 2 – 2.5 hours to complete but shorter and longer tours are offered at some locations. Advance reservations are recommended for most tours. Zip line tours are a great way to experience the Georgia outdoors while soaring high in the forest canopy.

Georgia Zip Line Locations: