Historic Banning Mills Zip Line Tours – Zip Line in Banning, Georgia

The Historic Banning Mills Zip Line Tours features 10 miles of zip line course strung high in the Georgia trees. Multiple zip line levels are available and zip line tours are available year round.

Level 1 Tours included 9 zip lines, multiple sky bridges and a tower. These tours have lower weight limits and are great for families with children. Tour requires 1 – 1.5 hours to complete.

Level 2 Tours feature 12 zip lines and up to 10 sky bridges. The zip lines are 900 – 1000 feet in length and have riders flying 200 feet above the Gorge below. 2 – 3 hours are required to complete this course.

Level 3 Tours require 3 – 4 hours to complete. This tour includes a number of high speed zip lines such as the 1500 foot long “Big Daddy” which has riders soaring at speeds up to 60 mph. The tour ends with a high speed 900 foot zip line along the Snake Creek.

Level 4 Tours are the most extreme tours available at Historic Banning Mills Zip Line Tours. Included on this tour is the 600 foot long “Sky Trek” Bridge which is 190 feet above the Gorge. Level 4 participants, step off a 200 foot cliff and zip line down a 900 foot long line that ends at the “Screaming Eagle” zip lines. Riders then experience the highest timber pole tower in the world. This half mile long high speed zip Line is like jumping off a 30 story building. Tour requires 4 – 5 hours to complete.

Level 5 Tours are all day tours that have riders flying across the Lost Gorge up to 21 different times.

At Historic Banning Mills Zip Line Tours you are sure to find a zip line adventure that fits your time schedule and experience level.

Historic Banning Mills Zip Line Tours Details

  • Multiple Zip Line Tours Available
  • 10 Miles of Zip Line Courses
  • All Day Tours Available
  • Open Year Round

Contact Information:

(866) 447-8688 or (770) 834-9149


Historic Banning Mills
205 Horseshoe Dam Road, Banning, GA 30185