Sunburst Adventures – Zip Line in Clarkesville, Georgia

Sunburst Adventures features 12 zip lines with over 2 miles of cable. The zip lines are “ground to ground” zip lines that require no climbing and are suitable for all ages. Zip riders are transported to the first zip via 4-wheel vehicle. The zip lines range from 200 feet to 1200 feet in length. Notable features include a 200 foot zip through a goldmine cave and a summertime zip with an optional wet landing. The course includes a double zip line for racing your friends. One side of this line flies through a refreshing fountain during the summer months.

If you are looking for a night time adventure, Sunburst Adventures features twilight zip line tours. These 2 1/2 hour tours have riders zipping thru the darkness on a lighted course.

Discounts are available when combining zip line tours with any other activities available at Sunburst Adventures.

Sunburst Adventures Zip Line Details

  • 12 Zip Lines Covering 114 Acres
  • Zip Line Through a Gold Mine Cave
  • Night Time Zip Tours Available
  • Other Activities Include ATV Mountain Tours, Horseback Riding, Flyboarding, and Boat Tours

Contact Information:

(800) 806-1953

Sunburst Adventures
3181 Hwy 255 Clarkesville, GA 30523