Florida Zip Line

Zip Lines Florida

Florida currently has at least 10 zip line locations. The zip lines are located in tourist hot spots like Orlando as well as more remote areas of the state. Due to the relatively flat landscape most zip courses are tower based courses. Zip riders will find zip opportunities that are unique to Florida and not available in other areas of the country. Some of these include zip lines that fly over live alligators and zip lines located at live animal parks and zoos. A number of the zip tours are combined with aerial obstacle courses. These courses combine zip lines with swinging bridges, tight ropes, crab walks, and nets for additional challenges. Since the weather in Florida can often be hit or miss there are indoor zip lines available for zipping rain or shine.

All zip line tours operate with a focus on safety as well as family fun. Most tours include professionally trained guides that oversee the tour and ensure a safe experience. Advance reservations are recommended for most tours especially during the winter Florida tourist season. With the numerous zip line courses and zip tours located thru out the state you are sure to find an adventure that will suit you or your family.

Florida Zip Line Locations:

Daytona Beach

St. Augustine