Colorado Zip Line

Zip Lines Colorado

Colorado currently has at least 13 zip line locations. The cliffs, forests, and other natural terrain of Colorado provide a perfect landscape for the construction of zip line courses. Zip line tours are available in most regions of the state making it a popular outdoor activity for both residents and tourists. In addition to the zip lines, some courses also feature aerial obstacles including swinging bridges, rope climbs and aerial staircases providing for an even bigger challenge. If you are looking for a new zip line experience some locations offer night zip line tours. These tours are held at night with riders soaring through the trees under the star filled Colorado night sky.

Zip line tours are available that are suitable for first time zip riders as well as seasoned thrill seekers. All zip line tours in Colorado include professional zip line guides that ensure for a safe yet fun adventure. Helmets and other required safety equipment is included in the cost of most tours.

Colorado Zip Line Locations:


Buena Vista

Idaho Springs